Product Info is dedicated to helping people find and book the best low-cost flights in Europe, all within one user-friendly website. With the most extensive database of budget flights in Europe, presents flights using Google Maps, and makes finding and booking flights an intuitive user experience. was established in April 2012 funded by the angel investment by Jiri Hlavenka, well-known Czech entrepreneur. However, the development started earlier in 2011. First public beta was launched in May 2012 after 8 months of development and it was accepted very well both by the users and the journalists. In December 2013, got an investment from Touzimsky Kapital Group and acquired

What does Skypicker do?

  • offers easy and quick interface based on Google Maps
  • searches with wide ranges of times according to your choice
  • searches from/to wide range of locations including larger geographical areas
  • searches flights from/to multiple destinations
  • searches flights from all major low cost airlines such as Ryanair or Wizz Air
  • shows all possible combinations of flights operated by low cost airlines
  • offers safe flight booking

For any further information please contact us by phone at +420 777 654 837 or send an email to:






Download all screenshots from skypicker_screenshots (2.4 MB).

Apps is also available as Android and iOS app
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All app screenshots can be downloaded from ios-appscreenshots (1.14 MB) and (1.89 MB).



Please download full logokit here: MB) skypicker-logokit.rar (0.8 MB)

Used technologies

  • Frontend: JavaScript + HTML5
  • Search: Python & Redis
  • Storage: MongoDB
  • Server environment: uwsgi + nginx

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The team

  • Oliver Dlouhý – co-founder and CEO
  • Jozef Képesi – co-founder and head developer
  • Jan Liška – front-end developer
  • Petra Vaškových – marketing manager
  • Luboš Charčenko – back-end developer
  • Jakub Stedina & Tomáš Nosek – UI designers
  • Alexandra Kostřicová – PR specialist

Skypicker is funded by the angel investment by Jiří Hlavenka, a well known Czech entrepreneur and journalist, and Touzimsky Airlines.

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